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    The Guild/Player Recruitment Thread (BfA) - LOOKING FOR A GUILD? READ THIS!

    If your guild is recruiting for Battle for Azeroth feel free to post in here. Players Feel free to also post in here if you are looking for a guild.

    Try and including as much info as possible such as:

    [Guild name]:
    [Raid times]:

    [Required Classes/Spec]:

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]:

    [Other miscellaneous guild information and/or comments]:

    Note: Please keep this thread purely for guild/player recruitment messages only. Other messages will be removed.

    Any comments/information you need from someone, please send them a PM, we would like to keep this thread clear to make it easy for people to find guilds.

    posters: Please keep your guild/player recruitment message as updated as possible.

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    Hey all, looking for a good Kiwi Alliance guild that accepts socials/casual raiders.

    I've been hanging around on Khaz'goroth ever since Ka Pai disbanded after Cata and amassed an army of alts but miss being part of a guild. Not looking to step into Mythic raiding as those days are behind me, just looking for a decent kiwi community where I could possibly join the odd Normal/Heroic alt/casual runs.


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    Attachment 213089
    [Guild name]: Shadowscourge
    [Realm]: Jubei'thos
    [Faction]:] Horde
    [Raid times]: 9pm to 11:00pm Mon, 9pm to 11:30 Wed. NZ times.
    [Progression]: Heroic.

    [Required Classes/Spec]:
    Exceptional DPS and Healers are always considered. Pretty full on tanks.

    [How to apply/join/who to contact]:
    Via website
    Message Chasm, Denksy or Slobelix in game.
    Can also add me via battlenet Denker#1629

    [Other miscellaneous guild information and/or comments]:
    Shadowscourge was created in 2005, initially on Firetree-US (pre Oceanic Servers). We have been raiding throughout, with many of the same Raiders since Vanilla. We've kept the same Officer/GM core for 13 years, making us one of the most stable and longest running guilds.
    In 2013 we shifted to Jubei'thos-Oceanic to take advantage of the bigger NZ/Aus player base.

    We offer a level of community and camaraderie that few guilds can boast about. Our core has played and raided together since teenagers and young adults all the way into not-so-young adults with snot nosed kids
    We have active Viber and Facebook groups that are buzzing daily. We're very social, we've had many guild BBQs and gatherings in both NZ and Australia.

    Progression wise we're easy going but focused. Lots of discord chat during trash but we're there to kill bosses. Mid week drinks with serious goals.

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    Does anyone have any recommendations for my Warlock on Frostmourne Alliance? From the other previous recruitment thread, the best choice seems to be Imperious and they look like a good fit for my needs, but I'm keen to hear other options.

    I'm looking for a mature guild that is competitive, but understands that real life comes first. Due to work and kids I can usually commit to 2-3 hours a night around 7:30pm-10:30pm NZ time. I prefer Mythic+ but will be keen to raid as well. I don't have logs so I am ok with not being in the core raid team.

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    Any nz alliance guilds on nagrand/caelestraz
    Looking for active guild. And preferably does normal/heroic raiding on thurs and/or fri nights
    (Ret at 120 will be levelling bm hunter and bear druid over the next few weeks)


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    use the website:
    NZ - OC- Nagrand/Caelestrasz

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    Looking for a semi active raiding kiwi guild on Frostmourne. Finding doing mythic pubs is the most painful experience ever so a guild would be ideal.

    348 Affliction Lock

    Flick me a message, ta.

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    Okay what guilds are still going on Frostmourne Alliance? Have a fresh 120 mage there, looking to quickly gear up and be ready for mythic raiding next tier.