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    The WOF guys will know that the Airbag light should come on and turn off at slighty different times to the other lights.

    If the module was seperate to the airbag then you could simply bolt the airbag back in (disconnected) and wire a resistor up to fool the module in to thinking the airbag was ok. This still leaves you in a bad situation in a smash, and unable to sell the car.

    At this point I'd be looking at Cert or scrap

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    Mmm looks like I'm shit out of luck. Seems ridiculous to chuck in a racing wheel and fork out for a cert on a 1.6 litre get around car lol.

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    $1 reserve time

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    Update: Got one sent up from Invercargil for $90, arrived safely and problem solved!

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    Sell car quickly