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    Doom Eternal - Hell on Earth

    Player invasions? Doom Souls.

    The Arch-vile is back, I hated those bastards in Doom 2.

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    Awesome. Looks like it's keeping the humour from the first one as well.

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    Day 1 buy

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    Sounds like they have dlc planned which I like. I actually would've paid for DLC for the first one.

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    ahh i missed using a chain pull into a chainsaw attack

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    'Mortally challenged' lol. That super shotty chain pull looks super handy.

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    looks very expansion-packy... not a fan of the hook and wall climbing... hopefully i can get by without having to use them. The demon destruction is cool though

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    Is there coop Nightmare mode yet?

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    Looks so beautifully executed

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    Doom Eternal single-player DLC is already part of the plan

    Great stuff. Everybody wanted SP DLC for the last game, they only put out PvP MP map packs which nobody bought. (They made all of the DLC free later, to salvage what was left of the small MP population.)
    ClavulanateV2 wrote:
    looks very expansion-packy.
    If it ain't broke, why reinvent the wheel? Iterative sequels are fine.

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    already pre ordered on MA. $10 towards it so far

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Day 1 buy
    I'm usually against day 1 buys, but this is an exception.

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    woooow very happy to see this thank you very much for bringing this to attention im definitely getting it

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    The SJW narrative on social media that the game is an allegory for the dangers of mass immigration is pretty hilarious.

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    well when you are on hyper alert to be triggered, something, everything will eventually trigger you i guess.

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    How is Doom Eternal anti-immigration?

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    Demons are immigrants too you know. And that Doom Guy is like killing them , he is probably like ermm Racist? are demons a race? technically yes i guess? so yeah Doom guy is like totally racist immigrant killing hater.

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    Haha, day one purchase.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good, end of the year was looking too crowded. A few weeks before Cyberpunk drops is a good spot.

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    I'm ready! I need an arcadey game to kill time with