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    Noob question about ordering parts for your car

    So basically i try and do as much work on my car as i possibly can . It appears as if my handbrake cables are stretched to the max and i will need to replace them to get a warrant.

    so this is the tricky bit

    so basically the car that im fixing is a 2004 Toyota Sienta , which im told is basically a Toyota yaris/ echo underneath with different body panels on it.there isnt a hell of a lot of information on it , since its basically a jdm car. i cant find a workshop manual for it , otherwise id try to identify the part from there.

    how do i go about ordering the part , do i remove the cable to look for a part number on it ? do i try and contact toyota NZ ? do i just buy a cable for a Toyota yaris of the same year on ebay ?(id hate to order the wrong part by mistake)

    is there a method that some people out there on gp forums use ?

    thanks for any help

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    I look for the parts here

    But normally buy here or North Shore Toyota or Miles Toyota.

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    Wow brilliant sites , helps alot . wish id known about it sooner
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    I assume that you have already adjusted the cable up as much as you can?

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    Yeah , its at max , unfortunately .

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    It has a significantly longer wheelbase than a first gen Vitz so I doubt the same cable would work anyway.

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    There is also enter your chassis number

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    First stop for me in this case would be Toyota, they can look up the right part first time. Get a price and go from there.

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    Jimbob wrote:
    There is also enter your chassis number
    I just checked some parts on this website and it's so much cheaper than buying locally...
    Thanks for that!

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    back the cable all the way off til the lever is floppy and then adjust the brake shoes properly. THEN adjust the cable.

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    will do