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    Dota 2 TI8 Finals Party - Auckland

    I’m hosting a viewing party for Dota 2 TI8 Finals with the Full Circle Esports crew on August 26th at Adina Hotel in Britomart starting 8:30am (finals go live at 9am), Auckland city if anyone’s keen Just looking to get the word out.

    Free to enter, private space with big screen, bar & restaurant downstairs, all the good stuff

    More info at

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    Nice! At least someone's making the effort

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    wonder what kind of numbers will turn up

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    thanks for viewing party, really enjoyed those games

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    What are your opinions on Arc Warden this patch?

    I have never mained any Hero, but Arc Warden is as close as I got to it. He is my most played Hero, and I have always enjoyed his high skill ceiling and mechanical requirements. I'm not an expert by any means, but I feel like I have become quite adept at him.

    Lately however, I'm not sure how to feel about him. If I remember correctly, he has received nothing but buffs for the last few patches straight. Well, aside free netflix tech news android 9 from the elephant in the room, which is the Hand of Midas nerf. I think I have never gone a single game as Arc Warden without a midas purchase. The item seems to be essential to his playstyle, sort of like Boots of Travel for Tinker. It is still strong on him, but I'm unsure if it is still viable to go for it every game. I have also started to wonder if playing him as a lower farm priority hero, Position 3 or 4 for example, could also yield some good results.

    Disclaimer: I haven't been following professional games, nor high rank pub metas.

    What are your experiences with him in the meta? Is a non-midas style of play worth a try? Is he too farm dependant to play in any sub 2 Position? Have any of you tried out a style, which utilizes his magic damage? What are your opinions on his talents?
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    Nice TI8 !!