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    Suspicious activity and unsuccessful login attempts

    Lately I've been getting a shit load of emails from ubisoft and epic games regarding these alerts. So I've done the sensible thing and logged tickets to delete my accounts.

    Anyone else getting a lot of this recently?

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    Yep same, from Epic.. quite odd.

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    Two-step protection?

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    Nothing from either

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    Neither. I've recently added 2FA - recommended!

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    Yep. Deleted my account.

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    Perhaps they thought you were the Chairman of Ubisoft

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    yeah a couple around mid-july.

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    Might pay to change your passwords for those accounts just in case?

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    Epic I only created to try out Fortnite, which I played for an 10 mins and said "**** this". Ubisoft I made years ago, bought a game on Steam, then realized needed an Ubisoft account to use. Again, probably played for 10 minutes or so, haven't used since. So yeah, might as well just delete these accounts.

    Just found it weird, only the last few weeks been getting these messages every few days, someone from various countries trying to get into my accounts. Are they just trying to encourage two step verification? Also, are Epic and Ubisoft connected? Because the messages from them are very similar.

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    Phish emails with links to fake ubi and epic sites?