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    Disenchantment [Netflix]

    The first 10 episodes are available on Netflix now.
    Misadventure awaits! Disenchantment, the new series from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening, premieres August 17.
    Princess duties call, but she'd rather be drinking. Free-spirited Bean exasperates the king as she wreaks havoc with her demon and elf pals.

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    anyone watch any of it? Trailer didnt really do anything for me

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    I watched Ep1 last night - it wasn't horrible, but it didn't blow me away. It may get better, but at this stage I'd rather watch reruns of Futurama.

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    Felt the same way, the first couple were...okay?

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    Watched the first 2 eps, quite enjoyed it, and I think there’s a bit more going on than meets the eye. Wouldn’t be surprised if it gets dark. The “Slayer of Metallica” line stood out for me (not sure if it was a reference to both bands, but liked it nevertheless).

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    I don't think this will ever get, like, Bojack-level dark.

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    ^ Yeah, agree with that. Bojack was actually a hard watch at times.

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    I watched the first ep tonight, It was good but not great but it's better than the newer episodes of The Simpsons .
    The characters definitely have a Futurama kinda vibe about them. I'm hoping that the next episodes are a bit more fast paced.

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    5 eps in now and I'm struggling still. Actually fell asleep during ep 4. There are some cool little niche references, but otherwise, despite the potential of the setting, it's pretty much the same running gags over and over. I guess you could say that for a lot of similar series, but the writing just doesn't seem that sharp here.

    I'd like to see a spinoff set purely in Elfo's homeland - like The Smurfs.

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    It's like they toyed with the idea of making a more adult show than the family-friendly Futurama/Simpsons but instead settled on lukewarm alcoholism jokes and some mild violence. And an unfortunate amount of lame pratfall gags. Just doesn't feel like they fully committed to either the premise or the tone so it falls flat more often than not.

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    I just finished it. I liked it; more adult oriented, without being as heavy as the likes of Bojack or as caustic as South Park.

    Finished on a darker note than expected, and while on the whole it’s nothing to write home about, I still really enjoyed it.

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    Did they steal the plot from Black Desert, I guess we'll never know. Still a better story than Dragon Prince. Got em.

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    I don’t know what Black Desert is, and I have Dragon Prince on my list but haven’t watched it yet (getting fairly middling reviews it seems). Did you like Disenchantment, clockblock?

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    oh its for the best. I didn't much care for this to be honest if that helps.

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    Dragon Prince seems to cater to the Legend of Korra fan boys.

    Could only watch the first 15 mins. That horrible 10FPS in a lot of scenes is aggravating.

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    the first 15 minutes of dragon prince ... so you probably just finished the info dump prologue then?

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    clockblock wrote:
    oh its for the best. I didn't much care for this to be honest if that helps.
    Definitely helps - was just interested in your opinion of it.

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    This has been renewed for 3 more seasons. Yuss

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    ^ Excellent news!

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    returns September 20.

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    ^ Yay!

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    Yus! Loved season 1. Very character centered.