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    Succession [HBO]

    As mentioned by jords in the pickups/pilots thread...

    This show is loosely based on the Murdoch media empire. An old codger billionaire (Brian Cox, the mantis) and his variety of children from multiple relationships over the years all clambering about to steer the ship. It's not prestige prestige, but it's pretty entertaining and I keep thinking about it in-between episodes. Have a hoon imo.

    Plus, Alan Ruck. Alan Ruck!

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    It was good and I enjoyed the ride - the characters are in the Always Sunny mold of all being completely and utterly despicable people while still being interesting to watch.

    Some surprisingly effective dark humour, too.

    However, the ending almost ruined it for me. It was kind of nonsensical imo.

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    Have heard good things from folk whose opinion I trust. Will give it a go.

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    Is anyone else watching season 2?

    I was a bit mixed on the first season, but season 2 has been fantastic so far!
    (up to ep 4)

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    On my binge list

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    Safe Room was probably my favourite episode this season, but the finale was great too.

    The internets are definitely overhyping the show, but Season 3 is gonna be wild!

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    Finally watched the season finale, how good! That final look of pride on Logan's face

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    binged s1 + 2 over a few days, was awesome. Good to see Kendall making moves again

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    You wanna see a killer dad? I'll show you a killer!

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    L to the OG

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    It's great how engaging this show is despite basically everyone on the show being a complete ****

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    Oh man, some of the scenes make you cringe so hard though.