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    This is great news. I loved Until Dawn and after playing it was hoping like hell it'd revive the genre.

    Those facial animations in the trailer didn't impress though. Looked like Mass Effect Andromeda. Also, I wish they'd brought back the same acting cast as the first game.

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    Very great news the first game is epic if you like these kind of games and the story,actors,atmosphere,scenery were top notch. Glad they are doing more

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    The game series not being exclusive to PS4 is a welcome surprise. Until Dawn runs like a beached whale, dropping to less than 20fps even when you use PS4 Pro's Boost Mode.

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    Like it matters

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Like it matters
    20fps = good time, eh? Even largely non-interactive benefit from higher framerates and a vocal contingent seem to agree with me, hence he seeing/hearing repeated criticisms of the shit legacy engine Telltale games by primarily console gamers (eg poor framerates of Batman Telltale games).