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    Took the demo for a spin. PC gamers will be glad to know it runs like butter.

    Specs are i5 8600k (5.0Ghz OC) and a GTX 980 at 1440p. On Ultra Settings (Dynamic) I average between 48 - 60 FPS, frame pacing is good so the game doesn't feel shitty even when the framerate bogs a little. This is similar performance to what I get in Horizon 3 these days (AKA after they patched the ever loving shit out of it)

    Only played a little so far but the seasons seem neat so far, it's like having 4 maps in one. The graphics are improved from Horizon 3 albeit not a great deal. If you liked Horizon 3 you'll like this, it's more of the same but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.