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    Ultra portable powerhouse | Dell XPS vs HP Spectre | Which is the better buy?

    So for the life of me cannot figure out why the Dell XPS 2 in 1 15 inch costs $1400 more than the equivalent HP (spectre x360). I'm dead set on getting a powerhouse 2in1 and frankly it has boiled down to these two.
    Dell $4800 vs HP $3400)
    Both have the new intel i7 8075G with RX vega GPUs
    Both have 16gb of ram
    Both have 1tb Nvme ssds
    both have 4k displays and are both very good quality
    Both are solidly built, quality keyboards on both
    Plenty of ports on both

    Only thing i can think of is that the dell has a nicer touch pad, but that doesnt justify the $1400 difference
    Is there something that im overlooking ?

    The laptop would be used for Architectural work ranging from rendering to technical works like revit etc. Needs to be a fairly g0od form factor - nothing too thick. weight can be somewhat tolerated. Good battery life would be nice too.

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    Dell often have sales on their 15" 2in1 so that'd drop the price closer-ish to the HP. Can't go wrong with either of them. I use a Dell XPS 13 at work and home, solid as they come! We also have a large range of HP and they've upped their game over the past year or so.

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    Dell warranty (if it does have any issues they are so much easier to deal with) and build quality also trumps HP consumer stuff.
    Both of them I would buy with a small SSD then upgrade yourself though,the SSDs they use are no where up Samsung 970 evo speeds and add a lot to the cost.
    Dell also have a wacom pen I believe compared to just windows ink on the HP