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    Monitor advice

    I've two ASUS VZ27AQ in the office and unfortunately when buying them, didn't look into the vesa compatibility deep enough. They're not VESA at all and it seems, many available aren't today.

    So I'm looking at replacing them with a frameless 1440p IPS equivalent at a good price with the ability to mount to VESA desk or wall mount.

    No gaming at all, just good or fairly accurate colours.

    Preferably 500$ (thereabouts) and under. I'll then flog these off on TM.

    I'd appreciate any help.

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    Hmm. GP used to be great for advice.

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    Yeah that entitled attitude will have people falling over each other to help now.

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    You read whatever you like into those words buddy. GP was once bustling with activity. Things have changed I guess.

    Even you were a younger, better version back then and didn't feel the need to shitpost. Older and jaded eh.

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    sorry to hijack thread, what are thoughts on this:

    Use case:
    - rMBP 2015
    - playing WoW
    - Watching movies
    - eventually connected to a PC with a 1060

    At that price point - $750, what are thoughts? Is there something better? I'm also leaning towards this because it looks beautiful and I'm currently using the 25" version of this screen at work.


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    bought the screen through PB. was cheaper.