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    Denuvo free EXE available here.!zw1nXYbZ!N83g0dipK..._-YaF8TTP6b7RQ
    Capcom leaked it onto Steam themselves.

    6-10% performance increase reportedly.

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    Anyone else made it to Son of Sparda mode yet?

    I'm finding that while V was faceroll in Devil Hunter, he's leveling out a bit now. His boss fights in particular are harder because of higher enemy health and lack of scaling in V's abilities. Stand user Kylo Ren is still my favourite to play though, his battle theme is GOAT.

    By contrast I hated Nero in Devil Hunter but have found that he's a lot stronger now.

    Dante of course is just absurdly filthy at all levels so far. I wish I was good enough at this game to utilize all the tools available to him.

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    I can't wait to S Rank Hell and Hell mode

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    I'm up to mission 10 to 11. I've only found 2 secret missions so far. I think my fav character so far is Nero, love doing the combo's when you do the arms and sometimes you can ride missiles. V is my 2nd fav as the fun as combo's and summons I'm finding Dante's kinda annoying to play.

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    I watched the angry Joe review last night. Thinking about picking this up. The combat looks pretty sweet. And that RE engine tho!

    I cringed at the Dante cutscene where he's doing the MJ dance... Wonder if Capcom regurts that now?

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    Haisley wrote:
    I cringed at the Dante cutscene where he's doing the MJ dance... Wonder if Capcom regurts that now?
    Why would they? Finding Neverland is all repackaged lies with emotionally manipulative packaging that were debunked many years ago in court.

    Japan largely doesn't care about vocal minority outrage mobs on Western social media. These people more often than were never going to buy the products they were frothing at mouth for in the first place.

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    I actually had a chuckle at the dance scene. It's a pretty good game.

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    Japan has its own quirks. Sega is apparently withholding the release of the newest Yakuza title, Judgement, because one of its actors did a line of cocaine.

    But yeah, who gives a shit about manufactured MJ controversy?

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    I found this a couple of days ago was kinda surprised the ps4 version is slightly censored while the xbox one and PC ones weren't.

    I'm sorta replaying the game in son of sparda mode. I think they made the bosses a bit harder with more health on them.

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    It starts off easy as early game enemies simply aren't balanced to deal with your abilities but it definitely gets harder later.

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    On PC there are plenty of mods and i played one of them in the void example training againts bosses instant of normal enemies.

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    Here's a cool podcast interview with Reuben Langdon, the voice of Dante. Good background listen whilst gaming.

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    Game is Fantastic.
    Capcom have the number 1 and 2 goty for me so far
    Re2 is number 1, this is number 2.

    The game is so much better than sekiro imo, that game purely relies on difficulty and challenge while DMC 5 has incredibly fun , good gameplay.

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    Fun part is Bloody Palace!