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    Some more classic info would be interesting to see how it's going, more diablo news is always a good thing too.

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    Very much so looking forward to the Overwatch announcements! Hoping there is a new character that is going to be announced - but dreams are free!
    Also have a suspicion that there is going to be a new Diablo game announcement...

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    I wish it could be Diable IV !!!

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    Definitely community night and the cosplay line up. Community is what really makes gaming so awesome and it’s so good to see people’s passion for the games away from the keyboard.

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    The wow, hearthstone and especially Diablo announcements! Blizzard are my favourite publisher by far ever since Warcraft 1 and Diablo 1 (and even Lost Vikings!). Would love a ticket!

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    Diablo announcements for sure!

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    wow panel + cosplay for sure

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    Wouldn't mind hitting up that classic demo

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    The Diablo announcements. End of. Super pumped for this

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    Only one thing I am interested in....CLASSIC. I want to know more about how they are planning on handling it. What will change? What will be exactly the same as I remember? I don't know but I'm damn sure hyped.

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    Starcraft!!!! My most played game ever ... so keen for anything Starcraft

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    Woo hoo!!! Won a ticket! Thanks a million GP! Can't wait to watch!

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    Cheers G P. Congrats to all the other winners. Enjoy!

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