SkyTV at it again

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    Pandaemonaeon wrote:
    Does the spark side of it have the entire sky sports f1 coverage, or only what is being shown on TVNZ?
    It will be shit if they aren't showing the pre/ post race coverage too.
    Yeah they’re showing everything. There were a few hiccups yesterday, and the VOD is delayed. But the coverage is everything. IE Post practice interviews/debrief, pre qualifying show, F1 show, Pre race show etc. so everything that Sky had.

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    For an outsider - what is the appeal with F1?

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    The speed and technology. Though I gave up watching it years ago after they got rid of V 10 engines. The V6 [turbo-hybrid engines] make the cars sound like arse now. I watched a bit of Formula E on Duke last week, that looks more competitive and exciting to me.

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    It's some of the best drivers in the world (and some good ones who have bought their way in) driving the fastest race cars.
    After going to Melbourne last year, it's almost incomprehensible how fast the cars can go around a corner.
    I'm not sure how much of the current technology will get passed on to everyday cars as certainly things are heading more towards electric, which is why so many of the manufacturers are getting in to Formula E.

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    KevinL wrote:
    So Kayo is pretty mean eh - they explicitly support multiple simultaneous users ("within Australia") so you can share an account with a friend (or two, if you go for the premium package) - brings it down to ~$12 a month
    Parallel Imported sport ftw.

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    New boss, seemingly with new ideas. Will be interesting to see how this pans out

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    That's interesting - could be too little too late, but I'll wait and see. Can't do any worse than John Fellett.

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    Talks good but isn't Fellet staying on the SKY Board after the transition? IMO he shouldn't be hanging around influencing any future decisions, particularly when the new CEO's scope appears to be to fix everything Fellet did differently (poorly).