The Witcher's author has some serious sellers remorse

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    He made a bad deal and now regrets it. The only way I see him getting something extra is if CDPR decide they feel bad and amend his contract/deal and compensate him.

    Certainly not for 16 million but I think hell get something and royalties (Im stunned he turned that down tbh). But only because they feel bad. This will get settled out of court.

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    Andrzej Sapkowski is bitter and deserves nothing more imo. The only reason his world and characters are known outside of Poland to the degree they are is because of the success of The Witcher games. Which is also the only reason the Netflix show was greenlit. A show he is being paid to be involved with.

    If he had not been such an ass about things with various begative public statements about the developer and quality of the games they made maybe they would be more amenable to taking pity on them. But the assertion he made that The Witcher games successes were only because of the books successes is deluded. The book sold ok outside of Poland at best, their sales post Witcher 2 and 3 release were much higher.

    He should be grateful for everything the games' have done for his career and show some gratitude for it. He's now paying the price for underestimating the abilities of CDPR.

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    He made a dumb move by refusing a cut of everything

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    This is like selling a house as-is-where-is and then asking for more money when the property developer fixes it up and sells it for a big profit!

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    Guy sounds like a knob. As already pointed out, the only reason any of us have heard of this IP is because of the games. I'm sure he has sold many more books because of the success of the games. I know I bought one.

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    yeah he doesnt really deserve anything else given the way he acted, but ive read elsewhere polish laws on copyright allow for reviewing of agreements, in which case legally maybe he does have a case?

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    Yeah, he made the wrong choice - if CDPR are a good bunch, throwing him a few $$ as a thanks wouldnt go amiss But if he signed a contract waiving royalties, then legally hes stuffed.

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    If he had not been a prick to CDPR and publicly bad mouthed them and their games maybe they'd be more inclined to. I doubt they're feeling at all generous to that asshat.

    He's also a mediocre author imo. Some of the Witcher books are conceptually pretty cool, as is the world but the quality of writing is middling at best. Mind you that could be down to the translation and not the OG version.

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    Sounds like an old man that doesn't get modern entertainment tastes. A bit like my old man come to think of it. Lost count of how many times I hear "games are for kids".

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    As everyone else has already said, he dug his own grave. His stupid decision cost him a ton of money and CDPR is at no fault here whatsoever. He's probably made a ton of bank on translations and book sales as a result of the games success, he should be happy with that - it's the best he can really hope for here.

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    Nah there is apparently a law in poland that this may fit with (something about original works being worth more later), I'll have a hunt for the wording on it.


    "In the event of a gross disproportion between the remuneration of the creator and the benefits of the buyer of the author's economic rights or the licensee, the creator may demand an appropriate increase in remuneration by the court."

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    Sapkowski wrote:
    'No, there will be no profit at all give me all my money right now!
    Makes the value of a contract seem pretty questionable if you can try to change terms due to the success of a project you had no confidence in.

    Personally I feel CDPR are the crucial factor in the success, not the author's IP, now he wants part of their pie.

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    I guess the court will look into how CDPR valued the IP and whether or not they feel CDPR gave what it was worth or if they feel he was swindled in anyway.

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    Should have taken a leaf from Sir Alec Guiness's book

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    This has more to do with license contract wording and Polish law than anything else. Pity we can't see the contract.

    It would not surprise me in the slightest if the offer CDPR got him to sign had some murkiness, given their deplorable marketing strategies and horrible work conditions as described by many ex employees.

    It's important to separate devs who make games and dodgy business people running their business.

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    As somewhat more knowledgeable people have pointed out on reddit, Polish law seems to make some allowances for redressing contracts where the profits made from such deals are grossly out of proportion to how much they paid for those assets - I suppose to offer retrospective protection to people who perhaps were duped in business by more sharky, streetwise actors. That said, this is undoubtedly "his fault", and he is being unreasonable asking for such an amount. He should've played it more humbly and the studio might've been prepared to go along with it.

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    Hopefully he wont be awarded such a massive amount. If he had swallowed humble pie and admitted fault i am pretty sure CDR would have gone ahead and renegotiated as he has other works they would like to work on. But no , his ego or maybe he was talked into it, went into full shakedown . I seriously hope he loses and is forced to eat crow and beg CDR for a reasonable deal.