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    Wow what a coincidence! the factions, setting and style match the new 40k intro game box Forgebane!

    Man what luck, you can play the game any buy super expensive minis of the things in the game.

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    Whats you point?
    I would say many people who are interested in the video game have no interest in the miniatures. Those that are would likely be buying them any way.
    Also the developer is not Games Workshop, so what are you trying to say exactly? Also what relevance does the availability of the game box have on the quality of the video game or vice/versa?
    Lastly what's the harm? I can't see any? The timing could be deliberate. Seems like smart marketing to me.

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    most veteran Warhammer universe fans have a love - hate relationship with GW /shrug

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    Oh I know. I live with one, and know quite a few. Seems though that recently GW has been doing better for them.