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    Netflix/ Prime video NZ Family friendly series

    Ok, title kind of says it all.

    I am looking for a family friendly TV series to watch with the sprogs

    The Kids 9 & 12 liked Psych, disenchantment, The Hollow, Just add Magic, the Worst witch and the Dragon Prince

    But am struggling to find anything else thats not painful for adults or too dark for kids, we are watching a crapload of terrestrial TV stuff on choice TV plus the new Macgyver, but they sort of want a series like one of the abovethat everyone can sit down and enjoy.
    I was thinking a "Chuck" style show would be ideal, but i can see any streaming in NZ

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Hilda perhaps (watched the first ep, has potential)
    Troll Hunters

    There’s plenty of movies too that they’d probably dig.

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    Dammit I missed Troll hunters off the list, they didn't seem fussed on Hilda but i thought it looked interesting, we have just started "final space"
    As to movies i kind of want something episodic and shortish, as invariably with movies one will like it and will hate it and complain all the way through leading to fights and then me wanting to strangle them both, and thats on a good night

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    I will watch some more of Hilda and report back.

    I thought Final Space might have been a little dark. Do definitely steer clear of Bojack, Big Mouth and Paradise PD - they totally NOT kid-friendly shows, lol.

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    I think by age 12 you should pretty much be allowed to watch anything.

    What about Stranger Things? It's pretty kid-oriented and not very challenging, but might be spooky.

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    I have personally avoided Stranger Things, as shows where kids go missing creep me out for weeks and months, I can quite happily watch a show where an adult has been murdered and the killer has played ping pong with the eyeballs, but anything with missing/murdered/abused kids just freaks me right out.
    Having said that how likely is stranger things to creep me out, or is it just a fairly safe scare? like the Goonies/Gremlins etc

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    ^ it is more like Goonies, but with modern special effects. It is PG-13 material.

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    Should also add the sprogs enjoyed - Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street, there are a couple of seasons on Prime

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    Hilda is wholesome, genuine, gorgeous and incredibly well voiced. 100% recommend.

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    Ok any other shows anyones seen recently

    We have just started watching Spooksville on prime, which the 10 year old loves, sort of in the Eerie Indiana/ gortimer gibbons vein of show

    But just wanting a few more back up shows as the darling sprogs won't actually look up shows themselves, and i am a bit useless at finding things, is there anything new thats appeared thats good

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    Anne with an E (based on the book 'Anne of Green Gables') in Netflix is wholesome and very well-made.

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    My Kids categorically refuse to watch that, I loved that show but it just doesn't do it for them.

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    flux007 wrote:
    Anne with an E (based on the book 'Anne of Green Gables') in Netflix is wholesome and very well-made.
    Cheers, i have been curious about that as we watched a variant of Anne of green gables when i was a young byte

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    oh damn is that on Netflix? Loved that show growing up. Ralph was hilarious.

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    Ins0mn1ac wrote:
    oh damn is that on Netflix? Loved that show growing up. Ralph was hilarious.
    Pretty sure its on Prime, Amazon prime that is