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    Yennefer, whilst stunning, looks about 16...but maybe shes amazing, hard to say.

    Ciri looks on point, good wee actress too.

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    She's in her 20's which based on this timeline (and remembering this is not an adaptation of the games) is correct.
    Actually getting annoyed at the various conversations over the net about ages and looks from people who assume it's using the games as the source. The games made a number of changes. I much prefer the games as I found the writing in the books very YA and dull, but they are the source. Which really is how it should be.
    I wonder if Yen will be shown hunchbacked at some point.

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    I'm down with a hunchback vibe, was it a curse?

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    IST wrote:
    I'm down with a hunchback vibe, was it a curse?

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    Lets just say that Sorceresses are almost all rather beautiful, but few if any were born that way. After all what noble family would send a beautiful daughter off to apprentice in vile magic if she could be married off, or used to seduce people in power for political gain?
    Geralt himself notes some physical attributes that Yen displays that indicate that she was disfigured in early life.

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    Ahh I see, kind of like Lady Melisandre in GoT with her necklace vibe, but somewhat more permanent..

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    Kind of. How she looks is how she looks. Magical cosmetic surgery rather than tangible illusion.

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    The actual lore is that the Power (sort of like the Force in SW) is overwhelming and only the strongest of minds can control it. Yen is quarter elf (mother half elf), and she had an abusive alcoholic father who beat them both. She was born a hunchback, which was cured by magic once she graduated at the school of magic (Aretuza).

    Geralt noticed that sometimes she's got a look that only looked down on person has and immediately pushed it out of his head in case she reads his mind.

    Back to the general world lore, many people with magical affinity are unable to channel the Power and end up in a catatonic state or some such, variety of mental illness.

    Archsorceress of the school of magic decided to counter more children being born in such a state by sterilising every graduate.

    Unlike witchers who are sterilised by the mutations (trial of grasses).

    Sources are people with exceptional abilities to channel more power than anyone else, but almost never have control over it. It comes in bursts and they have no memory of it later. Ciri's mum was the Source and so is Ciri, but they are both result of multigenerational controled genetic breeding, controled secretly by Sorceresses in order to preserve the Elder Blood and ultimately control it.

    Seriously, just read the books, they're great. Blows GOT out of water.

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    The books are ok. The writing is bland, and seems aimed at a young audience. Comparing it A Song of Ice and Fire is problematic as GRRM is a vastly more skilled writer, if a little more drawn out.
    It's all subjective obviously, and if I read The Witchers as a teen I would have loved them, but reading them the first time in my early 30's did them no favours. Too simplistic and superficial imo. Lore is great, some interesting characters and ideas, but executed adequately at best. I have wondered if they read better in Polish.