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    Starlink: Battle for Atlas

    Decided to create a thread for this game.

    So who's here got it and is still playing it?

    Man I wish the ships and the weapon packs were cheaper. The ship packs almost the price of a brand new game (60 bucks) and the weapon packs almost as bad (30 bucks). You don't really need the weapon packs for the so called Warden riddles but it's simpler to grab the one you want so you don't have to look for the right colour explosive canister. (guess it's one way of them wanting your hard earned $ lol )

    It's pretty darned enjoyable nonetheless flying around space shooting down those pesky aliens with a fun story to boot.

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    Yup. playing on Switch and really enjoying it. I've only just unlocked the 4th planet but for the price I paid I'm definitely taking my sweet time and only dipping in once every few days (OK so I'm kinda preoccupied with Dark Souls as well lol) so that it doesn't feel stale.

    I went digital base edition which was *gulp* $125 NZD. It's cool having the extra ships as lives however I only ever use the Arwing. I do like to mix and match the look of my ship and the environmental damage mixups.

    I didn't grow up with Star Fox so I don't have the attachment however he's still the only pilot I use.

    Story so far is ok, I have 3 story missions on the go along with doing bounties for outposts, scanning wildlife and clearing out space hideouts which is good fun in short sprints.

    Only thing I don't like, which is kinda key to the whole design, is that you earn upgrades for existing weapons you have. Coming from a Destiny / Division background the game would be almost perfect to me if you actually got new weapons as well. However they can't be giving them away for free in game when it's all linked to paid unlocks or toys.

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    Well I finished the main story. Just gotta do the endgame sorta bs that ubisoft loves pulling after you've done the main story. Hopefully they'll get enough sales and get a sequel.

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    Not sure how far I am through the story but took out my first Dreadnaught last night. Pretty cool that you can opt to work on the planets before attempting them - I'm currently battling one of the big supporting Spider boss dudes on a nearby planet and getting my ass handed to me.

    One thing I don't like is if I lose a ship I have to transfer all the mods over. Overall though, awesome game, really enjoying it, think I'll focus on it for a while and finish the campaign.

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    Free update trailer

    Really enjoyed the story but won't be in a hurry to jump back in. Was hoping for more story content rather than open world stuff.

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    Crimson Moon DLC is live
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