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    Ocean cruises

    Hello. Family members are debating a cruise, something like the 7days 5nights thing around the islands. Not something I'm particularly interested in but it's what they want to do.

    Looking for the best deals out there, 2for1 or captains cabin with constant whale sightings, best times of year. Any suggestions?

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    I saw an advert in the paper for Tripadel and it was 2 for 1 to Vietnam...Don't know anything about them but Dan Carter advertises for them

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    Dan Carter would never lie.

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    Depends what you are after and what your budget is. If you want something cheap, local but relatively basic try P&O out of Auckland to New Caledonia/Vanuatu/Fiji. If you look hard enough its quite easy to get it under $100 per person per night on special.

    If you are looking for slightly more upmarket you'll probably need to sail out of Sydney. Let me know if you have any Q's, I have a decent bit of knowledge in the industry.

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    Indigo1 wrote:
    Dan Carter advertises for them
    That's a guarantee of quality if ever I heard one.

    There have already been a couple of threads about this. l2search OP.

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    Quasi ELVIS wrote:
    There have already been a couple of threads about this.

    gawd don't make me look at that steak again