Ready Or Not - SWAT 4 spiritual successor

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    Ready Or Not - SWAT 4 spiritual successor

    This is largely being made by kiwis and Aussies who have worked on simulation/tactical focused indie FPSes, like Verdun and War of Rights. They've also hired the person behind the premier SWAT 4 mod, Elite Force.

    I thirst so much for this to be good. Takedown was such a let-down.

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    SWAT 4 was awesome!!!! Thanks for posting this. I look forward to it

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    This looks great.

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    I am interested.

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    Ohhh boooyyy, give 4 player co-op please

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    Awesome! Take it there was no kickstarter or anything? Just old school development ... wait and see?

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    Yes! This looks awesome!

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    Hell yeah - a few friend still play swat4 from time to time on a LAN. Looking forward to this!

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    Dedicated servers and modifiable. I like how that's attractive to me in today's day and age as that has been stripped from other modern titles lol.

    Looks awesome.