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    Mobile Gaming Forum?

    Hey Team,

    Just wondering if there has been thought (search didn't show me) about creating a Mobile Gaming Sub-Forum under the main Game Discussion?

    With the likes of PUBG, Fortnite, Hearthstone etc already out. And games like Diablo Immortal and Elder Scrolls Blades coming out - would it be worth having?


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    dont you have PCs??

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    dont you have PCs??

    just make a thread for the game in the games section

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    Thought we had tried that before so I went and checked. We retired the mobile gaming forum in 2007.

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    Lol mobile gaming. We're an elitist forum here you ****. PC or GTFO

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    We aren't that elitist, there are plenty of console peasants amongst us - no offence gneiss.

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    Don’t we already have a Nintendo switch forum?