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    Anyone that can destroy London should be taken seriously

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    I would say many of our endemic birds engraved like Tui, Kea, and Kakapo, and the Sky Tower.

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    L&P bottle as a cannon that shot at other nations!

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    From Auckland, definitely the Skytower would be awesome on one of those engines. From Wellington, i think Zealandia would be really cool. I love the idea of a nature preserve being on top of a massive predatory vehicle.

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    A Whittaker's chocolate factory in the shape of Nigella Lawson.

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    "Lets Gone Warriors' Sign
    Fred and Myrtles Paua shell house
    World Famous Cadrona bra fence

    all of the essentials

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    Thanks everyone for entering the competition. The winners are: Rick0r, gooseman77, Montezooma, XPD & Bt. Congrats folks, we'll be in touch shortly!

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    Hooray for me! (and Hooray for Boobies). Thanks GP!

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    Yay for me. having some trouble replying back to the PM advising me of the win though, probably due to my low post count? :/