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    MOBO & cooler recommendations for TR 1920x

    - Friend needs PC with 128gb ram, main two choices for CPU are thus a TR 19XX 29XX or an Intel socket 2066.
    The Ryzen 7 chips, such as the 2700x all state 64gb is their max ram capacity.
    The 1920x seems most appropriate for the needs of the user and price/availability.
    The PCs operations are a workstation for a specific task that requires a lot of ram and some gaming at med/high 100fps 1080p.

    - I am under the impression any of the TR4 boards will be good quality, and am looking more at the $550 area for the board (cheapest TR4s), anyone have any opinions for the boards here? How about the EATX vs ATX ? Should I stick to ATX, or are one of the EATX boards considered to be very good? (Have no real reason to use E-ATX)
    There doesn't seem to be many TR4 boards:

    - Any recommendations for good cooling options for TR 1920x? I am a little unsure on what coolers I can use on TR4, I assume there won't be issues with the cooler obstructing any ram slots?

    - Other info if needed, feel free to give any feedback/advice:

    Case - Phanteks Eclipse P300, $90 ------ Is this case ok, seems like a good price.
    PSU - Gold 750 watt, $150 ------ Looking at any gold rated 750 watt with good user ratings.
    MOBO - MSI X399 SLI PLUS, $550 ------ Suffice ?
    CPU - Threadripper 1920x, $730
    Cooler - ??? $xxx
    Memory - 64gb, 2400mhz, 16gb x 4, $750 ----- Any particular brands of ram to use with a given TR4 board ?
    GPU - GTX 1060, $460

    (^^^ Starting with 64gb in four slots, to expand to 128gb in 8 slots... I'm hoping at 2400mhz filling 8 slots will be fairly straight forward with latest bios(?))
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    Probably won't find many people on here running threadripper. So i'd check out TR4 cooler reviews on youtube and go from there.

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    Thanks, I did a lot of research.
    Basically I can conclude to avoid the ASUS Zenith TR4 board with a Noctua 14U-S as its first pcie slot (the first/main 16x one) will be unusable. None of the other TR4 boards seem to have this problem, and is quite apparent via visual inspection of said PCIE slot when comparing the boards, it's smacked right up against the CPU holder. I believe this would mean if you were to run SLI (if actually at all possible with that board and cooler) both cards might have to go into the x8 slots... well im not too sure on that, but i can conclude it will block the first (16x) slot.

    Kinda mild bad design flaw given the high end nature of TR4 chips and MOBOs and thus likelihood of a large cooler.

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    Instead of 1060, get him a rx570 4gb for $280. Slightly slower but very good value

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    Ended up wanting better gaming performance with options to run 1440 and 4k gaming.
    Went for RTX 2070, 1080's quite hard to find (2nd hand not an option).

    Final Build:
    Noctua NH-U14S (two fan setup)
    Vengeance RGB PRO 64gb (4x16) 2666MHz
    970 EVO 500GB
    Gigabyte RTX 2070 OC 8GB
    Corsair HX750 750W 80Plus Platinum
    NZXT H500i

    Plus a couple of pre-existing SSDs

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    if you were doing it again would you go with the same combo? all worked together well?

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    For anyone else looking at Threadripper, this might be useful

    Phoronix have some articles going back a while on performance benchmarks.

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    For anyone else in the same boat - PBtech have the Threadripper 1920X on sale right now for $499