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    GP Secret Santa - 2018 - PMs have been sent

    Bit late, time to get the ball rolling. Slight copy and paste below, but few changes here and there so read whole post if your attention span lasts longer than, its late I should go to bed, I have work in 8 hours, whats that funny sound? I prefer cats over dogs, Yellow team won the Block 2018, Gizzy hard bitches.

    Well here we go again. Please read the whole post!

    Theres no practical way to force people to use Track and Trace, but please do so. It doesn't really cost that much extra. This whole thing relies on honesty, so having that tracking ability is a way of going that extra mile to show you're genuine. If you don't like the idea of your address being PM'd to someone, don't sign up. Bear in mind, any and all contact I make with users addresses will be in PM. I will not publicly post peoples addresses.

    Please state your address as follows:

    Forum Name Goes Here (or real name)
    12 Street name goes here
    Manukau, 6587

    Make sure you include your suburb, city and postcode, people outside of New Zealands worst city (Auckland) might not know that X suburb is in Auckland, so include everything!
    Once I have a big list of names, I will draw them out of a hat, or a saucepan. Its usually a saucepan. I will then advise each forum member the forum name and address of said user they are sending the gift to. I'll take the names now. In a week or two. I'll start sending PM's to let everyone know who they have. That way you should have enough time to get something, and get it sent to the person. I'll update thread title when time is up. If you're planning on being away over Christmas, maybe don't take part.

    I'd also recommend avoiding Aliexpress. Likelyhood of stuff arriving in time is practically zero


    1, Bit different this year. Open to anyone in GP. Numbers getting amongst this haven't been as good as they were at the start. If NZ Post can organise a secret santa via twitter, does it really matter if they're not a GPOD regular?

    2. The gifts must at least total $10.00. If you spend a little more…then that is up to you, but it must be at least $10.00. *if you do decide to spend more than $10.00, please do it out of the kindness of your heart because you may only get a $10.00 package in return.*

    3. Get your present sent ASAP. Don't muck around, This is to make sure that they arrive somewhere near the holiday.

    4. Be honest!

    5. Please keep your package a secret. Don’t sign it. You can put your address on the package, of course…but gift receivers – do not go poking around the community to find the sender. That spoils the fun! On December 26th, I will post a list of Gift senders so that proper thanks can be given.

    6. Minimum Post count. At least 100 posts

    7, Try and be creative!

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    TLDR for those who didn't read the first post

    1, PM me if you're interested in Secret Santa
    2, Actually PM me NOW
    3, Don't be a knob and not send anything
    4, Don't bitch and moan because you got someone you don't know. Its secret santa, not Blind tries to match you up with Mancubus cause he always puts out.
    5, Don't be surprised when you find out everyone was sending to me

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    As per previous years if you get uneven no's im happy to do the 2nd person also.

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    It's late, you should go to bed xD

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    Ahh... I remember I was half of a dutch rudder duo when the names were revealed.
    I still haven't recovered from that

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    Blind tries to match you up with Mancubus cause he always puts out.
    Need a separate thread for this.

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    mine is sent

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    Let the butthurt begin!

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    mine should be shipped today

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    mine has arrived today

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    Mine arrived today
    Looking forward to opening next week

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    How many people signed up?

    I famously complain too much about the presents I receive so I opted out but I hope it works out well this year.

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    probably should have posted that mine arrived, it did! Thanks to whoever it was. We got my son a Star Wars smart watch thing (to match the elder girls Spark smartwatches) So this might pair up with that pretty well!

    Quasi - 8 people including me, vs 129 people who have read this thread haha. Oh well.

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    It is 9:45pm Christmas Eve and the courier just delivered the package. I will wait until Christmas morning before opening

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    Thanks to my SS! I got Torment on Xbox One

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    pdkm BUYS FOR brand.
    Wigglywormnz BUYS FOR icweirdppl.
    Blitz^ BUYS FOR blindreaper.
    brand BUYS FOR Blitz^.
    icweirdppl BUYS FOR Josh IST Stowers .
    DeazeNZ (Dion) BUYS FOR Wigglywormnz.
    Josh IST Stowers BUYS FOR pdkm.
    blindreaper BUYS FOR DeazeNZ (Dion).

    Cheers Blitz

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    jdz hooked me up hard one year

    icweirdppl wrote:

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    icweirdppl, I'm feeling my (C)unt mug! haha...pic to come

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    I’ve seen those mugs before, advertised as being from the University of North Taranaki