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    Merc C200 2012-2013 Reliability?

    Im lookin at a Merc C200 AMG Style Wagon 2012-2013 under 50k on clock but I was wondering if anyone has experiences with the reliability of these?
    Will be first non Japanese car and only concern is reliability.

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    I'm not sure the concern should be reliability exactly, I'd be more worried about the cost of things when/if they failed.

    While the car might be cheap to purchase now it sure as all **** wasn't when it was new, while the cost of the car might change the cost of parts for these cars don't.

    You can own one of these for sure and it could very well be highly reliable , just don't expect Japanese prices when/if it fails.

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    +1 to Han’s post.

    If you love it, buy it. If you just want a commuter, get a Japanese car.

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    Yeah, concern for reliability was coming from the potential cost for when things break.
    Ive look at all the station wagons after 2010 and the c200 seems to be the best at the price point.

    Might just get mechanical insurance for a few years. Anyone know of a company that can provide mechanical insurance direct to the public without going through a dealer?

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    most mechanical insurance providers will sell you insurance directly. check the googles for the right policy for you.

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    AA mechanical insurance you can get without going to a dealer.

    I've owned my 2010 C200 Kompressor wagon for over 2 years now. Bought at 87,000km, now at 107,000km. Got a 3 year mechanical warranty with Janssen when I bought it.

    So far I've only done:

    Wheel bearing change
    4 new tyres
    Transmission fluid
    K&N air filter
    Spark plugs
    Oil and filter changes

    You can get a lot of cheap parts from eBay which is the great thing about a Euro vs Japanese car and if you can do some of the basic servicing yourself its really not that expensive to own a newer Merc. For instance the garage was going to charge me $250 for spark plugs, I found OEM Bosch ones on eBay for $50 including shipping and just did it myself, its a 4 cylinder anyway so its really easy. Similarly for air filter the garage was going to charge me $90 and I found the K&N online in NZ for $95 and just changed it myself.

    The engine is pretty bulletproof on these C200's and as long as you keep up with the regular maintenance they aren't really any more difficult than a Japanese car tbh. I know the 2012 car is a turbo instead of supercharged but the actual engine itself is very similar. I also need to have a wagon and found the C200 to be great value, fantastic to drive, and looks far better than any Japanese wagon you can buy these days. I had a VW Passat 2.8 V6 4motion before this car and that was just endless problems, problems you can't even fix! Not all Euros are created equal and the misconception that people have with "Euro" cars is pretty naive sometimes. In Germany they use the C200 as taxis.

    My dad owns the older shape W203 and has had that car for over 4 years now. Apart from the common cam sensor leak (resolved from W204 onwards) that didn't get picked up because he never took it for a "service" just for oil changes, its been pretty reliable as well. He's had to change the starter motor, fuel pump and washer fluid pump. Older car obviously so its going to need some attention, W203s are not as reliable as W204s anyway I believe. Again these parts are much cheaper from overseas.

    Obligatory photo of my car:

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    Thanks lueyyou, I think ill go ahead with the C200. Seems like the facelift W204 have fixed a lot of the issues with the earlier models.
    Just need to get one at the right price in Japanese auctions, seems like a lot of the 2012-2013 AMG styled models coming up at the auctions recently.