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    A8 vs A8+

    Hey team
    Looking at buying and A8 / A8+

    Although I see the Oppo R15+ is likely better spec'd, I am keen to stay with Samsung. So far had very good support and so far haven't even had to buy a phone since my first smartphone Dec 2012 -Samsung S2 as that got classed as a lemon and covered and upgradded to S3. Then under supercover warranty they replaced it with an S5 few years later. Had my S3 for ~3yrs and considering an upgrade.
    Budget is $500.

    An A8 and A8+ is $649 at Noel leemings and marketing stuffed up and left up the free inear bluetooth earphones RRP$269 so figure sell those for $150 makes it a $500 purchase and in budget.

    However i am used to middle buttons on my S2/3/5. I like that its is waterproof also (wife had issue where they claimed water damage on an S3 which we eventually won)

    Anyone owned these phones. Liked or hated them for any reason?

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    They're great phones you can't really go wrong with one tbh. Very very popular and at that price an absolute steal. My only recommendation is to go with the + for the larger battery.

    You could also go S8 (Yes i know more money) but this has the "physical" Pressure sensitive button under the screen (which the A8 doesn't). I found this to be the only caveat.