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    Vertagear Triiger 350

    I went in to CL and stumbled upon this chair, tried it out and felt awesome for my back (I have a herniated disc in my spine) but not sure how it plays out in the long run. Does have a 10 year warranty but I heard the return is a bitch if you don't like it.

    Did some research and people compare it to the Herman and Buros.

    Just wondering if anyone had purchased this chair before and opinions on the price (about 1k now but CL is doing a discount).

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    Office chairs are grossly overpriced in NZ. But that being said if you like how it feels and spend a lot of time sitting down then it's a worthwhile investment. I have a Buro Metro 2 collecting dust atm, good for the posture but just not as comfortable as my leather executive chair.

    If you're looking to save, wait till Amazon has a free shipping period for NZ, they have a decent selection.

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    Awesome chair, I've only tried it out very briefly but it's the most comfortable computer chair I've ever tested, fantastic lumbar support for anyone concerned with or has back issues

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    Yeah definitely have checked out Amazon and only with free shipping is worth it.

    I sat in it a fair bit and seems great but not sure about the price tag, then again I spend hours sitting at work and when I get home another 5-6 hours on the computer so might be worth the investment.

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    Didn't like it personally, owned it for a bit.

    Armrests are very firm and rounded, didn't like the material much. Quite a bit of pressure behind the knees too. Mine started making a horrible clicking noise after a few weeks when sitting or leaning back even a little bit.

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    I have been looking at the triigers too there is also a trigger 275 which is the next verson down from the 350 which Mighty ape have on special now about 778 about $200 off.

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    The 275 was $649 few months back around black friday also I don't think it includes the neck rest and the lumbar support isn't as good as the 350.

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    True...the 350 looks good will need to wait and hope it drops in price a bit