EvaUnit02 wrote:
You pretty much have to do high school English essay level reaches to ascribe depth that it isn't really there. Sometimes the curtains are just blue.

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My argument is that there is always some level of depth there, artists by their very nature simply cannot help themselves. Spongebob Squarepants is a great example. All the characters houses are modeled after trash tossed into the sea. That knowledge is in no way required to enjoy spongebob, it's just an extra layer of depth.

Perhaps I misread it but I took the original tweet's point to mean exactly that. I didn't think it was trying to claim that all art has an important driving political agenda, merely that the personal politics, views and influences of artists always show in their work to some degree or another, You would have to get to Pong levels of basic to start arguing that this is not true and at this point I'm sure some mother****er has written an essay about what Pong has to say about Democratic Socialism.