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    New guitar/amp shortlist

    This will be my first guitar, I'm a noob but can play another instrument. I like a bit of distortion and am on a budget. I've researched a few amps and guitars, and watched youtube reviews/demos on each. This is my shortlist.

    What would you choose?
    Anything else in this price range that would stand out?

    Orange Crush 12

    Marshal MG15GFX
    FX / Pedal input

    Fender Champion 20

    Orange Crush 20

    Orange Crush 20RT
    Reverb / Tuner

    Epiphone Les Paul Express 22in

    Squier Bullet Hard Tail HSS Stratocaster

    Epiphone Les Paul Special VE

    Ibanez gio rx

    Epiphone sg special vc

    Epiphone sg special eb

    ~Ibanez gio rx + Laney lx20r ~
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    I'd personally go with the Marshall and Epiphone SG Special, especially if the guitar is 24 fret - there are bound to be some songs that need it. That's me though, and i think for you it would depend on the style of music you are looking to play.

    I'm a headbanger who loves high-gain chainsaw distortion, hence Marshall and a guitar with high-output humbucker pickups. If you like more poppy jingly-jangly stuff, Orange + the Squier. If blues/jazz is more your thing, the Fender amp + any of the guitars

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    Also a super noob.

    I plan on picking this up in the next few weeks -

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    Looks nice. Your budget stretches a little further than mine.

    Ta for the tips Frederick. I'm all over the place. I listen to everything from Decapitated, to arctic monkeys, black sabbath and the doors. I can appreciate a sweet solo pink floyd style but just as happy listening to drones of Wiejedood or Winterfylleth. But some of that is hard so I'll probably start picking my way through the better known riffs and lead lines of rock history before I know where I'll end up going

    The marshall might be a one trick pony? The fenders fx looks appealing. The oranges have a nice crunch if youtube videos do them justice,

    I'm really leaning toward the SG, so might have nearly solved that half of the question
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    Yeah, you could be right about the Marshall. In that case, with tastes as eclectic ( ) as yours, i think the Fender will be the most balanced. If you need really high-gain searing distortion, at some point when budget allows you could add in a pedal (the new version of the Boss Metal Zone is getting some great reviews).

    And good call with the SG. I have a an Epiphone SG Prophecy, and its a fantastic guitar. Again, very versatile.

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    And get a vintage brand or G&L guitar. Those things slay for the $$$

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    ^ Good suggestion, but out of his price range - he's looking for amp and guitar for the cost of just that amp