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    Haha, I loved that!

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    Cant wait to watch this and infinity war back to back once its out on bluray.First 2 hours are a bit slower but I love that they gave us time to spend with these characters. Really appreciate the quieter moments. I love and hate that it didn't have any post credit scenes. But it felt appropriate. Paul Rudd is underrated. The way he can switch from comedic to dramatic. In a blink of an eye.

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    Rii wrote:
    Thought that scene was great spin off of WS.

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    Felt the first half of the film was a bit slow, but the last half was dynamite.

    Sitting back and looking at what marvel had achieved with all of the movies and TV series. To tie them all in and finish them off in this movie is quite an achievement.

    Thanos was such a boss. Top tier villan