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    I went hunting for neon lights today. They're few and far between unfortunately and most of the ones out there today are some signage you wouldn't otherwise be interested in.

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    Castlepoint, shot on my Redmi Note 5 with Google Camera

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    Wow, legit!

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    crazy! looks very HDR

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    Photo taken in Hong Kong.
    Played around with it a bit in lightroom mobile.
    Compressed and shitty as this is a instagram spit out.

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    I took this on Bowen Terrace in Brisbane.

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    Cool shots

    Always wanted to head over to Castlepoint, I never quite get around to it though.

    Hong Kong looks awesome, love the tones. It seems to have a more gritty urban feel down below and a lighter/warmer feel above.

    A sunset

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    from my (dslr) camera
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    That is sick.

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    The Storey Bridge, and Brisbane CBD. The skyline is getting pretty filled out with the new government building being the tallest building on the right and some real 200metre plus sky scrappers.

    Then there is the older stuff when you walk around such as Brutalist era church towers. These are so raw they're both ugly and imposing on the landscape but that's the point of this style of architecture. There are so many ugly buildings in Brisbane because of the era in which it reached modernity but it makes the city cool.

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    Couple of shots from today

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    2 shot pano

    Mt Taranaki by Marc, on Flickr

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    Mt Ngauruhoe by Marc, on Flickr

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    Cmon Weegee, let's add some ports in here

    Sony A7Riii, Sony 85mm at f/8, 1/200, ISO 50
    There's also two Godox AD200's on strip boxes in front.

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    Bee in the clover by Marc, on Flickr

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    raz wrote:
    Cmon Weegee, let's add some ports in here
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    My latest fern pic.

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    Warbirds by Marc, on Flickr

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    WoW def looks nicer on a cloudy day than with clear blue skies, sweet shots!

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    Wow - Raikyn nice photos.

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    fired up my old a55, 100-300m 4.5 lens

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    Pxndx wrote:
    Some nice atmosphere there

    wideangle macro

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    At Adelaide Zoo today

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