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    CAT6 cable terminating on CAT5e patch. Good?

    Pretty much title.

    What are your thoughts? I've done this before and most of the internet is saying it's okay but now that i'm building our place, i kinda want to make sure we get the right thing.

    is it okay to do or spend an extra 10 bux and get the CAT6?


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    As far as modern data transfer goes it's fine.

    Cat6 is a minimum spec for noise and crosstalk allowing for greater potential transfer speeds. Physically it's compatible. So if you upgrade your switch to 10Gb in say, 10 years, you'll have to replace it all then. But for 1Gb you won't see a noticeable difference, eg maybe a ping increase of a microsecond.

    Although 10 years is a long time, 10Gb in mainstream can't be more than 5 years away at a guess.

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    Just get CAT6 patch not sure how a saving of $10 is even a question tbh.

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    it was more for knowledge. wasn't because of price.

    churr boys/girls.

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    For a short patch, totally fine.

    Cat6 to a desk (i.e. from a floor port to a laptop) is a pain in the balls. Don't do it, for your users sake