Just upgraded my ~7 year old Mikrotik router. It has been a great workhorse, and has all kinds of neato stuff that a networking loser might like to play with.. But the sitch has changed. It was a single band, 2.4ghz b/g/n AP glued to a pretty capable router, and my new house is too tall (3 story) and bricky (england) for that shit to fly.

So, I looked into running cables, and did the important stuff (server, media centre etc) - but still wanted better wifi in the house. After some consultation with dudes who know shitloads more about wifi that me, ended up with a Netgear Orbi (RBK53).

These come in a pair of two blobby pods, one of which is the router itself, and the other is a "satelite". Each one cranks out quite powerful wifi (up to some unreasonable bullshit marketing number, but it goes hard). The satelite and the main router pod talk to each other on another 5ghz ISM band link, dedicated for backhaul. This is rad, cos I leave the main router by the internet connection behind the TV and chuck the satelite up 2 floors, which then splashes good wifi around the other floors.

The hand-off between the two nodes is seamless as far as I can tell when on a Skype video call etc.

My main gaming PC is now wired and on wifi, but I probably could have done without that as I don't play many FPS due to being old and cooked.

If you're looking for a decent home wifi kit for a large-ish or awkward place and favour simplicity - check this out.

Edit - I should mention that I don't use the Orbi as my actual router, I use another Mikrotik for that as the firewalling and other functionality of the Orbi is very basic and I wanted something better for that part of the equation. Running in AP Mode is just perfect.