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    Random USB disconnects

    Every so often I'm getting multiple USB devices disconnecting at a time (some may or may not turn back on) on my new System build. It's only effecting the devices on the motherboard (back I/O).

    Not sure if this is a software or hardware fault with the Motherboard (MSI B450i Gaming A/C).

    Is this a known issue or have I been blessed with getting another faulty part?

    Have updated and rolled back BIOS, turn windows settings to not turn off USB devices, etc.

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    You'ver done the BIOS - but what about the chipset drivers?

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    Running latest chipset drivers currently.

    Also sup.

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    Have you gone into device manager and updated drivers on the USB controllers?

    Turn off "fast start up"

    Turn off USB sleep in the power settings

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    Done all that.

    Grabbed a spare Asus board (same chipset) and had zero issues so far.