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    Christmas Feastin'

    What are GP cooking for Christmas? I assume lots of you are doing the BBQ thing - I would, but it's shitty English winter xmas for me - so I'm doing this one:

    It's basically a roast, but Samin's method makes such lethal chicken it's a bit spesh.

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    Not cooking today as I'm up north with family, but did a 4kg spatchcocked turkey on Saturday, a 5hr smoked salmon on Sunday, and 8kg of pulled pork on Thursday evening with 4 chickens in the morning for Friday work lunch.

    Has been fun times

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    Not cooking this year. I'll be workin' the kettle later in the week though. I think I might do a hunk of pua'a this time. Festive low 'n slow.

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    Weather isn't the best for the BBQ.

    Got a 3kg rolled beef roast in the oven. Got quite a bit of chicken breast in the sous vide that will be cut up and breaded/crumbed and deep fried later.

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    Nothing exciting but cooked two roast chickens at same time in the weber, turned out great.

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    beetroot Wellington and a nut roast. Two lunches for me

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    I'm away from home in the freezing cold northern hemisphere, so ended up doing a couple of pork bellies fast and then slow roasted with a paprika, brown sugar, olive oil, and clove rub. Turned out pretty amazing, the crackling tasted like candy.
    Enjoyed with a bunch of roast veges and mulled wine.

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    Pak N Save had cheap shoulders today, pulled pork and coleslaw on the menu for the 01/01. The rub is on and it's had an apple cider shower, ready to go for the morning.