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    Apple Watch S3 vs S4

    Been keen on these for a while but never had the inclination until the S4 came out. But the cost of $750 seems insane so I put it off. Just saw though that NL are selling the 42mm S3 on sale for Boxing Day and itís basically half the price on the larger S4.

    Anyone got either and any opinions on if the S4 is really worth double the cost?

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    I have an S3 and never even considered upgrading to S4. I primarily use it to tell the time (shock), track heartrate and steps and control other apps like Nest and Strava. I get 2 days out of it between charges. The S4 does all that and.... more, I guess? Have never even been inclined to check out the extras as mine goes fine

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    Thx thatís sounds like what Iím thinking itís going to be like too. May pick this up