ATLAS - Ark with pirates, monsters, and a lot of baggage.

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    Early access should take as long as it needs to.
    In most cases these are companies with VERY limited resources, or have projects with a scope that may be stretching them (for whatever reason). The amount of time something is in early access should be SOLELY dictated by the requirement of the project.
    Stating a timeframe is great, but in case people missed the memo, game development is difficult, complex, and rife with issues. Many of which can be unexpected. Release the full game only when it is ready. If you take the risk and buy an Early Access title that's on you. You're buying an unfinished game, which in my opinion makes you a fool.

    There is a VERY simple solution to the whole thing. Don't buy an Early Access title. It is absolutely that simple.

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    and risk missing out on the twitch hype, can't explain that to kids!

    early access isn't enough - atlas needs early access, two dlc packs and a massive cash shop with pay to win items - only then will it be a true early access title

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    SirGrim wrote:
    and risk missing out on the twitch hype, can't explain that to kids!

    early access isn't enough - atlas needs early access, two dlc packs and a massive cash shop with pay to win items - only then will it be a true early access title
    Don't worry, I'm sure loot boxes are a high priority for the devs.

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    So much anger given its obvious most have not played the game.

    I for one am having an absolute blast with this. It's basically a step up from Ark with the way they have linked the servers together. There's people everywhere and they have really managed to give us a sense of danger while allowing a chunk of room to paly in.

    It's not without issues. But we are major version 10 already. They have been patching daily. Multiple times a day in some cases. Right through Christmas too.

    The launch was a disaster but that was to be expected. I can't ever an mmo launch with this much hype that went well. The servers couldn't handle it and the game design needed to be modified in ordwr to allow more people through. Start zones destroyed on launch.

    That's all over though. They used the data to fix the servers, implemented fixes and now there are thousands of us playing without issue.

    They have switched focus from servers and crashing to game play now. Version 10 was huge and it will be interesting to see what comes next.

    My biggest gripe is the design itself. Players are nasty to each other and the games design does not do enough to create a fun sandbox. Boats are very weak currently as there's no realy effective offline raid protection.

    This is not a solo game. A company is an absolute must IMO. You technically can sail solo but having someone to steer, someone to man the sails, someone to repair and bucket water and others to fire cannons is ideal.

    Hinestly if you enjoyed Ark then this is just as enjoyable. It's got a way to go to be sure but 90% of what I've read around the plade is no longer applicable.

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    KaskadeNZ wrote:
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    Doesn't read like a bot

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    Deff not a bot lol. We are recruiting if anyone is looking for people to play with.

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    Looks like maybe someone found this thread via Google. Welcome. Care to share what there is to like about the game in its current state, and what specifically has been fixed so far?

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    Yeah I was Googling for a place to try and recruit new players and came across this. Miss the days of Games.On.Net when everyone just knew where to discuss gaming in general.

    If you like Ark then there is a lot to like here. It plays very similar albeit they have made a few tweaks.
    • You no longer have to learn everything you can make individually. You learn wood structures and that unlocks all the wood structures, then stone, etc. So the build system is better designed.
    • You no longer need to make individual items when building. A wall can be tabbed through wall, door way, fence, angled wall, etc. Same with doors, they are not doors, windows, hatches. It's simpler and easier to manage.
    • Boats are amazing. They actually look like ships and you can put a lot more thought into their design. You build the structure, the hull, put the planks in and then you can add walls and doors to build it up further.
    • Driving boats is a very different experience and is aimed at group play. Someone steers the rudder but in order to move forward you need to lower the sails (0-100%) and direct the sails into the wind. So its better to have a team of people doing that. Also cannons need people to fire them although there's also an npc system that can do that. yet to explore it though.
    • Boat battles are incredible. With the mechanics of having to sail with the wind and coordinate the turning of the boat with the firing of the cannons and add in that moment where you charge the deck. Its really fun.
    • The survival system is way harder. There's now 4 vitamin groups you need to balance. Meat, vegies, fruit and fish. That can be a challenge at the start but becomes less of a problem as you level. Water can be painful in hot dry areas as you can no longer drink salt water and need to find proper fresh water. Rain seems to be the best source but you can also dig it up.
    • The biggest change is obviously the server design. One server per square. We are playing on a 4x4 server but official is massive. They can fit 150 players in each square but now that launch is over we are seeing tribes tending to take over an island each. The world really feels huge.
    • Taming is way different. Now you have to battle a creature down to about 5% and then hit it with a Bola. While its on the ground you can then feed it what ever food that creature desires. It tames over time but will break out of the Bolas quickly. Then you repeat the process until its tamed. Bola'd creatures will still fight back though so if you get too close to their head while feeding you will likely take a hit.
    • The biggest flaw for me right now is the game design. It's early, so right now it feels like a much bigger version of Ark. Lots of Ark servers all linked together. Which is fine and fun. But what this game needs is a much deeper design taking inspiration from Eve imo. Instead of having PVE and PVP servers it needs a combined world, with an economy, player trade, risk and reward. This game has huge potential if they do it right.

    The feedback you see about the launch was true. It was horrendous. But honestly thats a problem with Steam Early Release. There's a reason why MMO's do closed beta testing. They let people slowly in as waves. it ensures the server load is understood and managed. Steam Early release just enforces this gates open concept which completely destroyed the launch. The design of the game required people to start in specific locations (aka specific servers) and then filter out into the wide world. Grated the devs were stupid and didn't see it coming (which they should have). They reacted so quickly.

    Have a look at the patch notes. You can see a clear shift from the game was completely broken to they are now balancing the game. It's working and working really well to be honest.

    Atlas Patch Notes