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    Remove dings

    Anyone know how to remove small dings on the car? Anyone had any experience with Dent Devils Mobile Paintless Dent Removal in Auckland?
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    Really don't think that'll work when it's dented along an edge like that. Only tends to work on large dents across flat panels where there isn't significant bending.

    [EDIT] Was in response to a deleted post about using heat and plunger to remove dent.
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    Heard nothing but good things about Dent Devil, have friends that have used them multiple times but no personal experience.

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    Yeah nah a dent like that on a crease aint coming out without proper panel beating. Probably one of the worst places you could have a dent.

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    Apologies for the delay in removing that post guys am away at the family farm for the week so Internets a bit patchy here, will endeavour to move a bit quicker going forward

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    Dent Devils got back to me to say it'll be more than the excess of insurance and for me to contact insurance to see what they can do. Awaiting to hear back from AA.