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    Fragluton wrote:
    They don't stream current games at respectable (60fps) though. Which is my point, streaming an old game that looks like garbage on old hardware isn't an achievement. Streaming a current game, at max settings, without dropping below 60fps for the stream, that is an achievement.

    As for OP, i'd just be looking at GPU over CPU. UW 3440x1440 is pretty taxing on the GPU. If it's a 60hz monitor though, it might be perfectly fine for a while yet.
    Hmm I dont think ill upgrade my GPU until next gen, not worth the price hike for the smallish gains of a 2080, my 1080 runs pretty much all games sweet at UW right now. FYI the screen is 100hz, so im not able to push 100hz most of the time but anything over 60 and im happy

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    Oh yeah wasn't suggesting upgrade now as such, just that GPU is a better bet than CPU to get better performance. GSYNC in your case will help keep things smooth so I don't really think there is a good value upgrade from what you have.