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    Mx ruins a movie thread

    Yo Tom Cruise, let's do this.

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    Ok. So you kents are getting married in the mountains. Good for you.

    Zomg. It was just a dream.

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    Haha it's a Simpsons episode... /subtle

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    Stop watching movies and guess my beer.

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    Oooo he is meant to stop those 3 balls....

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    gneiss wrote:
    Stop watching movies and guess my beer.
    I've reverted back to cheap beer. I took a stab.

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    gneiss wrote:
    Stop watching movies and guess my beer.
    Some sort of pale ale. Oh brother or Deadcanary.

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    Galent wrote:

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    Omg. The hospital and news was fake.
    Dun dun dun dun

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    Ok. She cant tell him. You're deep in it my bro.

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    It’s a surprisingly passable movie imo

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    Ok. So he planned to crash the bike just in time to cut through the wire and fall into the boat. K.

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    Wow. What a marksman. All to save the French police woman. What a good Kent.

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    Oh shit son. They going rogue .

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    Oh ffs. The double cross cross.

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    Guess you won't be ruining much else tonight? Might as make it a triple and tell us the next lotto results.

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    Ok. A sweet helicopter dog fight. While some guy googles the OS flaw to defuse a high availability bomb.

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    Zomg. He pushed the button, right on time. What a good Kent.

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    I give it a 7/10 and the thread a 6/10 hth

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    Lol @ the googling on the way to Kashmir though.

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    I have to admit I still wish everyone had died at the end

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    Do da do do
    Do do.
    Do da do do
    Do da do do do
    Do da do do
    Do da do
    Da da da
    Da da da
    Do do

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    They said you was high class but that was just a lie.

    Great racing army dudes.

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    Bruce Willis was a ghost the entire time.

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    Yeah nah. Dont tell up tight Russian lady where the box is. Ok so you are going to find it. Great idea to throw magnetic shit to help you.