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    Lucky there was a mound to hide behind.

    Hang on, if all the people are fake, why would the TV be real?

    And lucky there is a fridge, but would it really help?

    Yeah nah, no way he'd survive in that fridge and then get out to see the mushroom cloud, lmao.

    Movie ruined ffs.

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    Haha sweet 1950s milkshake bar rumble. A great way to escape.

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    Oooo the same magnetic bs in that grave.... it must be connected

    Wtf an alien head! And its magnetic!


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    You are a dick Mack.

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    Omg generic 1950s rebel is his son!

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    Pretty smooth road for a forest, it makes for a great sword fight across cars. But you've got the skull, why not brake?

    Ok. Now the monkeys can help him Tarzan through the jungle faster than two cars in a flat road by the shear cliff drop. K.

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    Dumbledore dies.

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    Wow. Mak you double double agent. **** you.

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    She wants to know. Everything they know is too much for us to handle. Zomg.

    Wat. It's a spaceship?

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    Omg. Ryan Reynolds died. His heart is in the right place.
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    keep yourself safe

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    Wow. **** you time travel guy. Let him be with his dead wife ffs.

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    maintain your safety

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    What the **** is dubstep?

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    upkeep your well being

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    Hello. My name Jimmy Tong. What can I say to make you have lunch with me?

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    Are you doctor angelo?

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    Dude.... Just get twitter

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    He killed James Brown!

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    The water strider!!

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    Suit v suit. But it's the 10 percent!

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    i.e.awesome wrote:
    Dude.... Just get twitter