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    Looking to upgrade to a Ubiquiti setup, need help

    I got a Ubiquiti Unifi AP on christmas sale and i've been impressed with the speed and range and now i'm looking to make the switch to a full Ubiquiti setup.

    Below is my current setup and i want to get another Unifi AP for the living room as well as upgrading the routers with switches. I want to use a wired connection for the PC upstairs and routing another cable from the living room to upstairs is not an option.

    Do i need to get 2 switches or should i get Pro AP where it has 2 Ethernet ports so i can piggyback the connection to my gaming PC.

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    Ideally you'd want to get a POE switch like a US-8-150w and connect both of your Unifi AP's to that. You could also just connect one and mesh them.
    If you want fixed ethernet to the computer, run an ethernet off the switch to the Gaming PC. The latency is awesome on the Unifi gear though, so no real reason you couldnt run your PC on wifi as well?
    You'd ideally get a Cloud key as well for setting up the switch & AP's together.
    If you want to go the full hog, then replace the Spark Router with a Unifi USG - I believe they have an article on GZ for configuring the USG for fibre

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    Your current set up looks OK - pleased to hear it's working so far. If it does all you want it to now, why upgrade anything?

    That said - my thoughts as one who has added more UniFi gear over the last couple of years to my home setup.

    1) If you've only got one or two APs and don't see the need for more, may as well save some cash as get the us-8-60w, which has 4 PoE ports and will power the newer APs just fine. It's smaller and cheaper than the us-8-150w (which I have, BTW).

    2) Agree with upgrading the router. I installed a Ubiquiti ERX router for my brother - they're bullet proof (I haven't had a tech support call from him in over a year now) and are a bargain at ~$100. Although if you go ERX instead of the UniFi USG, you lose the "end-to-end" integration. Personally, I run pfSense on a left-over PC, along with the UniFi controller software. pfSense is a great router with extended capabilities - look into it!

    3) If you need more WiFi coverage, you could get another UniFi AP, but you could also consider using your ASUS router as an AP, running off the UniFi switch (and if needed, acting as a switch itself too). Depending on the ASUS model, you can install 3rd party firmware (e.g. Tomato), and get the ASUS to transmit guest/VLAN-based SSIDs - fun! As much as I've wanted to add another UniFi AP, I'm forced to admit my RT-68u is a sufficiently good AP/switch!

    4) Unless you want always-on statistics and monitoring, you could save on the Cloud Key and run the controller software on your PC - or do as I do and have it running on your pfSense box . YMMV.

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    Cost effectiveness: Move the Unifi AP to the lounge and buy Pro AP as you suggest and pass through to the PC, but is this needed as you have the asus router acting as a switch, so no need for the pass through.
    #YOLO: Buy a USG to replace both routers/switch and a us-8-60w(how many devices are you actually plugging in?) and a UniFi UAP-AC-LR. Sorted.