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    144hz 1080p Monitor to Pair with 2070?

    As per title. What 144hz(or higher) 1080p monitor would you recommend to pair with a 2070? Will be used for gaming, FPS etc. dont really want to spend too much $500 odd would probably be max.

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    You won't get a new G-Sync monitor for that price.
    I can't find any IPS 24" 1080p monitors so you'll have to choose between the Acer Predator XB241H, Asus ROG Swift PG248Q or Asus ROG Swift PG258Q.
    The last one is 240 Hz while the others are 180.

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    how much difference does g-sync make? i was looking at but not many people have stock

    that Asus PG248Q looks nice though

    What are your thoughts on this
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    I'm not going back to sans G-Sync.
    No tearing and when it does dip below 60 Hz it's much smoother.

    Just wish it was more affordable for me to upgrade as I too am on 144Hz 1080p.

    I have no experience with that monitor sorry.

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    If you don't already have the 2070 perhaps put more money towards the monitor. You'll likely have it much longer than GPU.

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    AMD GPU and Free Sync monitor will cost you much less.

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    grab one of these once a sale comes along? I've one for just over a year and the colours are awesome for a TN panel

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    SheepShagger556 wrote:
    AMD GPU and Free Sync monitor will cost you much less.
    Not if you get a Vega 7 card it won't.

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    dr.m0x wrote:
    Not if you get a Vega 7 card it won't.
    They call it Radeon 7 now so you donít remember itís just a overpriced vega
    Also freesync works on Nvidia now with the 15 jan drivers (as long as you grab a certified model)

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    It's overpriced but it's not just overpriced. It's faster, more power efficient and has like double the memory bandwidth.

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    SirGrim wrote:
    Also freesync works on Nvidia now
    Given the crap selection of decent Freesync monitors, especially in NZ, I'd prefer it if G-sync monitors would work with AMD cards (I've got a RX580).

    I'm keen to upgrade my ancient 17" TN 1280x1024 Viewsonic, but there are no 144Hz, 1440p, IPS, Freesync(2) panels available in NZ. I'm quite desperately hoping the Acer XV272U will actually make it to NZ (and have better QA than the prev-gen AUO panels).

    Having the supposedly superior G-sync panels able to "slum it" as Freesync panels with AMD cards would greatly increase the selection of panels for AMD card holders.