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    Grill plates question

    So my mate accidently set the BBQ on fire on NYE and the grill plates are now a nice brown and with some sealant(?) Flaking off. The bbq itself is fine to keep using but with the grills being burnt to shit with whatever it is that's flaking off etc still be okay to use with a good clean up? Want to avoid buying 3 new ones if I can

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    Wire brush them to get any loose material/rust off then reseason, assuming it's cast iron.

    If they fit in your oven I'd crank it to 250, wipe a light coating of oil all over the grill and bake for 90 minutes x 2-3 times (for corrosion resistance)

    Then back on the burners on medium to high heat, brush/wipe a light coating of oil (I use rice bran) on the bare metal until it smokes, rinse and repeat until it's nice and black

    (obviously not a BBQ grill, but basically the same idea)

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    If it's flaking off it might be a non-stick coating. I'd not want that anywhere near my food and get any crumb bum old set of cast iron ones and do a KevinL on it