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    Recommend me a USB C hubby thing for my new lappy :D

    I got one of these when they were 40% off for boxing week.

    It spends most of it's time at home plugged into screen and amp and I was thinking about getting a USB hub and maybe one with passthrough power so I can just plug in one thing.

    I'm not familiar with what's works with what with this usb 3.1 thing so I'm asking for help from the gp.

    Make me some recommendations.

    Ports I'd use:
    -USB c
    -USB a
    -HDMI (just 19x12 at the mo
    -Dual monitors a bonus
    -ethernet a bonus
    -I think that's all

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    I bought one off AliExpress, uGreen is the brand. 3 X USB 3, 1x USB C and 1xHDMI. Super high quality feeling. Check out the website and brand, was about 1/4 the price of what I could find locally.

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    Ideal. That's what I'm after. Cheers.