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    gneiss wrote:
    Try to keep the wheels on the rage train for a bit longer this time. You’re not the only one with kids, your reaction was ridiculous.
    I think he put too much hot sauce on his enchilada wowow

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    I just ignore my kids and play video games. They're doing an ok job raising themselves.

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    MXRecord wrote:
    I just ignore my kids and play video games. They're doing an ok job raising themselves.
    They have tv and the internet for that

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    Tormenta wrote:
    Sure sure, "lol i troll u"
    I mean yeah you got trolled so ...

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    JC wrote:
    I mean yeah you got trolled so ...
    Does one get trolled if they troll themselves?

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    Get ready to HACK!

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    Osiry wrote:
    As with most cultures, it really depends on the generation, and where/how they've grown up.

    Some people in China are extremely kind and respectful, others are... not.

    I am not disagreeing with you here though, I think that on average there is a lot of ignorance amongst Chinese tourists regarding cultural norms outside of China, but this is due to a lack of exposure/education around these norms. Overall, the younger generations seem a lot more global than their elders in the way that they think and behave.

    Something that I take issue with, is seeing what the Chinese tourism business is doing to countries like Cambodia and Vietnam. Huge amounts of prime coastal land are being bought up by Chinese businesses for building fancy resorts and hotels to cater to the burgeoning Chinese middle class. The problem with this is that when Chinese people travel, they'll often stay exclusively in Chinese hotels, and eat at Chinese restaurants. This keeps tourism profits out of the hands of the poorer local businesses, which is a real shame.

    Recently in Vietnam the Chinese government tried to get a 99 year lease on the island of Phu Quoc (and several other regions in Vietnam) for developing luxury resorts. There were massive protests over this in Vietnam, so the Chinese government retaliated by issuing an advisory telling it's citizens to not travel to Vietnam for holidays any more. I tried to exchange RMB for VND at a bank in China, and they wouldn't exchange the currency, because they said that the government didn't want people travelling there.
    Businesses in Vietnam that rely on tourism would have taken a huge hit from this, as it was during the Chinese Golden Week holiday.
    and ironically the Vietnamese are doing this to the Cambodians.

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    MXRecord wrote:
    I just ignore my kids and play video games. They're doing an ok job raising themselves.
    I have 3 boys, they all got into PUBG when it came out. So did I. So 4 of us right? Team right? Should be awesome right? F**k no. It's just like IRL... jump in a car and they're all fighting as to who gets to sit in front. And they're all fighting over the gd loot.

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    This is the first brand opening in NZ that I'm actually amped for.

    This'll be up there with Invercargill getting a K-mart boys, I'm tellin' ya. Possibly even surpassing the time that Dunedin got JB-Hifi.
    Hell, it could even be bigger than when Gore got McDonalds.

    nah but actual, I am rather excited by this.

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    Ikea is awesome, you should be excited.

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    I bought shit from there when I lived in London. It deserves its reputation.

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    Kog wrote:
    Get ready to HACK!
    Just spent an hour looking through that site. There isn't even an Ikea in NZ (yet). What am I doing with my life

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    Gotta plan ahead

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    detonator7 wrote:
    Just spent an hour looking through that site.
    You could at least post a couple of the best things you found during that hour. 30 seconds was enough for me on that website.