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    Different retailer. Lazada is a marketplace, not an individual store.

    I mean it's quite possible they're just placeholder images, but I'd put my money on them operating that business model (which is very different from IKEA). The logistics of having that many lines, and keeping sufficient stock on site isn't something traditional big box furniture stores really have nailed.

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    ^ good spotting. Not too surprising really, there was slim chance it was getting made here

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    There was more detail about Nido in the Stuff article from 2 days ago:

    Kumar said the store would employ more than 200 staff, carry more than 10,000 product lines, featuring 80 "exclusive brands", and be 100 per cent New Zealand owned and operated.

    Kumar would not go into what specific brands would be available but said they would be mostly European.

    Nido would specialise in flatpack panel furniture that shoppers could order in custom sizes, he said. It would also have an installation arm to its business if customers were not wanting to do it themselves, he said.

    "If they want to tackle it themselves then so be it and we will help them along."

    Made-to-measure products would be designed and manufactured overseas before being shipped to New Zealand, he said.

    The product ranges would have two main price points, one at the low end, and a more premium offering, he said.

    Nido would target the increasing number of New Zealanders living in more compact homes and apartments, he said.
    The furtniture would include such items and floor to ceiling wardrobes and kitchen cabinetry.

    Kumar said the size and scale of the Nido would be unlike anything seen in New Zealand.

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    As I said, they're bandwagoning (whether it's the company or media).

    The IKEA model isn't custom ordering, it's the ability to go to the warehouse and pick up exactly what you want on the day you visit the showroom. I can guarantee e.g. couches at nido won't be flat pack.

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    I want those cabinets from SirGrim link, they look spiffy

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    There's no accounting for taste

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    JC wrote:
    There's no accounting for taste
    You're a meany doo doo head

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    St4lk3r wrote:
    You're a meany doo doo head
    This is mod abuse imo