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    Custom Loop (WC) Advice

    Hey guys,

    I plan on getting one of these kits soon -

    I've done soft tube WC'ing before and want to move into hard tubing. Realizing I'm going to have to invest in a few other tools as well (heat gun etc.) which is fine. But before I buy I thought I'd ask to see if those who are more experienced than me if my money is getting a reasonable loop, or if for a similar outlay I could get something better when it comes to a block, pump/reservoir, fittings and rad.

    The loop will only be put on my CPU.


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    what case are planing on putting it into ?. your looking at about $700+ for a custom loop using all ek parts.

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    What CPU you trying to cool?

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    It's going in an Antec EKWB Cube.

    i5 4690K. It has a mild overclock, and yes I realise it doesn't need water. It's a personal project, not a necessity.

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    I'd put the money towards a new build first - way to much money to spend on cooling an old mid-range CPU IMHO.

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    I don't need a new build.

    I game on a 970GTX Turbo OC with a healthy OC on top of that in 1080p. I hit 60fps in everything I play.

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    The thing is games are starting to get more demanding and your 4 core 4 thread CPU isn't going to cut in the not to distant future. I'd at least try and find cheap a secondhand i7-4790K to drop in it for the 8 threads if you are intent on spending all that cash on a cooler. Games like BF V for instance will benefit from that those extra threads.

    I look at these things from a cost-benefit ratio as a Computer Tech, and I'd never advise a client to spend that kind of coin on cooling anything less than a high-end CPU that warrants it. That is my 2 cents anyway, do with it what you will.

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    Custom water cooling is usually never an exercise in cost efficacy.

    Like I said, I realise it doesn't need water.

    P.S, also worked as a tech. And I don't think I ever recommended custom loops to even high-end systems.

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    Well yes, it is never going to be cost effective exercise. I meant I wouldn't advise spending that kind of money on a system that isn't suitability high-end/expensive to being with - would kinda of be like ricer car, that is all show and no go.

    At any rate I'd probably just have a chat/pick the brain of one of CL's techs who work with hard tubing regularly.

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    I'm pretty sure those rads are terrible. You want the PE series at least.

    If it were me I would grab some more tubing too, first time bending the tubes you are bound to make a few mistakes?..